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AudibleWord.Org promotes the appreciation and study of oral and aural poetries of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. , We aim to make performance documents in digital media freely accessible to students, teachers, scholars, and artists.  In collaboration with contemporary practitioners, as well as critics and educators, we also seek to create an  informative context for the appreciation of this work by original commentary, archival scholarship, and other relevant documents. This site is under development and the version presented here serves an illustrative purpose only. Contact the curator for more information.

Audibleword.org retains the rights to maintain the archive and legally reproduced materials contained therein; all other rights revert to author(s) upon publication. Materials distributed by Audibleword.org may not be republished by third parties for profit, in any form, without the express consent of author(s) and notification of the curators, but may be freely circulated among individuals for personal use or educational use, providing that this copyright statement is included. For public archiving or distribution in electronic or print forms, permission must be sought. Web developers are asked to link to the front page and not to internal documents or files.  Some internal materials are licensed according to Creative Commons specifications.



Thanks to doctoral students Jae-Uk Choo and Pamela Rogers who assisted with audio logging (2005-2006 academic year)

Thanks to the ACPAC Technological Exploration and Innovation Fund  of Indiana University of Pennsylvania, for enabling the acquisition of digitization equipment, training, and audio acquisition.

This project would not be possible without the interest and consent of the poets involved: Cecilia Vicuña, Charles Bernstein, John Taggart, Huang Xiang, Martin Espada, and Rachel Blau DuPlessis. 

Vicuña audio recordings digitized by AudibleWord.org and used with author's permission. 

Thread of the Voice  - A Performance Transcription was originally published in a virtual chapbook associated with RIF/T 04.01 (Transpoesis Issues) at the Electronic Poetry Center; reprinted with permission, copyright 1995.

Sound Written and Sound Breathing (pdf 1 & 2), by Kenneth Sherwood, was originally published in The Precarious/Quipoem: The Art and Poetry of Cecilia Vicuna. Ed.  M. Catherine de Zegher.  Middletown, Wesleyan U P, 1997 and is reprinted with permission.

Thanks to Duke University Press for permission to reprint, Boundary 2, Spring 1975 (2003-2008).  

Source for microphone images,  James Steele, original images ©2001;used with permission.